Build Smart

In Part 1, I covered "Shop Smart" by covered taking control of your domain name, hosting and site structure. In Part 2, I cover "Build Smart" but let's first review my recommendations: Make sure you have control over your domain name by keeping it in your organization's name or your own name. I am now recommending Goggle Domains as the registrar of choice because the added security of privacy is included at no additional cost. Cost for dot com domain registration, around $12.00 per … [Read more...]

Shop Smart

Shop Smart The idea for "Shop Smart" came while I was browsing through the StudioPress showcase for inspiration and found that the average price for website development ranged from $3500 to $5000 for moderate sized, semi-customized sites of 8 to 12 pages. The prices are much higher for full customization. I don't believe that these prices are outrageous but neither do I believe a small business or organization needs to spend a small fortune for an uncomplicated, simple and aesthetically … [Read more...]