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No one likes a slow website

dcp-speedThere are a lot of designers and developers building WordPress websites, but not many of them focus on performance, leaving a positive takeaway for site owners: most websites offer huge untapped competitive potential for optimization.

You can analyze the load speed of any web page with Pingdom Website Speed Test which examines all parts of a web page with details about every single element of a web page (HTML, JavaScript and CSS files, images, etc.).

1 Second

1 second is considered to be the maximum time for visitor’s flow of thought to stay uninterrupted and the maximum response time for immediate behavior. When the computer takes more than 0.2 second but less than 1 second to respond to your input it feels like the computer is causing the result to appear. Although users may notice the short delay, they stay focused on their current train of thought during the one-second interval.

This means that during 1-second response times, users retain the feeling of being in control of the interaction even though they notice that it’s a 2-way interaction (between them and the computer). By contrast, with 0.1 second response times, users simply feel like they’re doing something themselves.

For Web usability, this means that new pages must display within 1 second for users to feel like they’re navigating freely; any slower and they feel held back by the computer and don’t click as readily. ~~Jakob Nielsen

Why Performance Matters

  • “Performance is measurable.”
  • Performance First is proven to guarantee a happy business and happy users.
  • Performance First is the correct approach for the current situation. Mobile is exploding and this is just the start of things.
  • All types of devices are coming, and being able to display assets and content to these devices is key. Performance is absolutely crucial ~~Ben Cooper


GTmetrix is another good service to check a web pages. GTmetrix uses Google PageSpeed and Yahoo! YSlow, two of the major speed analysis tools, to grade your site’s performance and provide actionable recommendations to fix these issues.

When using GTmetrix or Pingdom Website Speed Test make sure to set the server location.

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